A safe space in Devon for confidential & professional counselling for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual & transgender people, their family and friends and those questioning their gender or sexual orientation

About Counselling
and how it can help

Most people go through difficult times in their life or experience situations that seem unbearable.

It can help to talk to someone outside your situation who can provide a safe space for you to explore these things and to help you work towards feeling more comfortable.

“I first came for counselling because I felt down about myself, like I was a lot of jumbled up jigsaw pieces. Counselling has really helped me look at the different things that make up me and I now feel like I have put many of the pieces together in the right place.”


About Us
and how we can help

It’s all about you provides a safe space for confidential and professional counselling. We are a small group of counsellors who have come together to provide individual counselling to the diverse group of people who make up the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender plus community in the Exeter area. We also provide a quality service to people questioning their sexual orientation and/ or  gender identity, friends and family members and others who would like counselling through IAAY.



plans to fit your budget

Introductory Session
Call to book in your free half hour introductory session.

Our session fees are worked out on a sliding scale depending on your financial circumstances. The cost of a one-hour session is between £30 and £55. We will agree the fee and method of payment at our first meeting.



Contact Us
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Contacting us is easy.

To find out more,  to book a free half hour introductory session or if you are a counsellor wanting information about IAAY,

  • Call 0750 0015574 and leave a clear message with your name and a safe phone number
  • Fill in the easy form including your phone number
  • E-mail us at: info@itsallaboutyoucounselling.co.uk

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